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Positive-impact mindset.


To grow the critical mass aimed at reducing our environmental impacts, improving our well-being and quality of life.


Positive environmental and social impact and quality of life, striving for excellence, innovation and integrating resiliency.


A dynamic and international perspective

Our agility and creativity will maximize your portfolio’s potential. We work as sustainability project managers and lead the collaboration among all parties involved.


We are market leaders

As direct suppliers to high-end clients, we address every challenge with customized solutions, even under tight deadlines.

What sets us apart from the competition is our award-winning track record and extensive experience, which keeps us on the cutting edge of regulations and allows us to optimize the value of your portfolio.

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CEO Patrizia Laplana


Borderless solutions through global expertise

We are proud to have an international team of professionals, with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet and exceed the requirements of any project.

Our clients:


Obtained WiredScore and SmartScore certifications for digital connectivity and smart building capabilities in real estate.


The arrival of DGNB to Spain through GBCe (Green Building Council España) with the adaptation of the German certification to Spain.


One of the first in Spain to obtain the WELL certification, as well as WELL Faculty. These services focus on people’s health and well-being, integrating ecology and biodiversity with biophilic design and resilience in the environment.


BREEAM Authorized Organization, participating in its development and arrival in Spain.

Supporting an investment fund in the launch of the first venture capital fund focused on energy rehabilitation and ESCos Model projects.

Energy and sustainability experts for the EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development) in Turkey and Poland.

We began working on Passivhaus projects, a certification for high energy efficiency.


We began with projects prioritizing energy efficiency over renewable energies focusing on project life cycles and circular economy.

Began work on LEED certification projects, energy efficiency projects and then Environmental Due Diligence and related services.

Members of the USGBC and have collaborated with the GBCI as LEED Faculty organizing events and debate tables.